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For investigation of underground soil and water for engineering purposes. Phone: (732) 291-5030;

Investigating underground soil and water in New Jersey.

A geotechnical investigation allows one to understand the existing underground conditions of a property before you build.

Geotechnical investigations allow one to reveal, and understand the existing underground conditions of a property. Information which can be utilized in the design of a structure, or determine if a property is suitable for a particular use.

Geotechnical investigations are normally undertaken by completing soil borings on a perspective property. The soil borings are logged by a field engineer or geologist. The field information is compiled into a report to give one a cross sectional understanding of what the conditions are underground.

Knowledge of the underground or subsoil conditions give structural engineers and architects the ability to design a structure that will be stable, and useful to the owner. Geotechnical investigations reduce settlement and foundation problems that could occur if an investigation was not to be carried out.

Environmental evaluations can also be completed concurrently during a geotechnical investigation. An environmental investigation during a geotechnical investigation could also evaluate the environmental condition of soil and ground water on a particular property. This could encompass collecting ground water and soil samples for laboratory analysis during the field work.
We can also complete soil bearing capacity test for house lifting. This involves collecting a soil sample from the bottom elevation of the proposed foundation and completing an analysis on the soil sample.